Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When That Wall Fell Down

My latest instrumental song is called Berlin.

If you remember Scorpions MEGA-Hit on the theme, you now know what the blogpost is about.Let us first pay attention to and listen to this Hit that everyone knows something about.....

Every era of time has its falling of a system and a rising of a new system and in this time we will clearly see how the extreme kind of Islam will fall.Especially will The Western World beat the terrorists in this time.

This is not a political blog but I want to touch base with what is happening in society today.

A great song which want to stir up the European feeling in me is Ultravox, Vienna:

I absolutely love the initial part there building up to the rest of the song and the singer is singing with a convincing melody in it.

That hit and many other similar became the big hits of the 80:s and here is another one with Duran Duran.

Yes, of course, a well-known hit building soundtrack to that Bondmovie.

Finally a talented guitarlegend Janne Schaffer from Sweden playing with no other Bjoern J.Son Lindh....

My latest instrumental one here about the good old days when I and many others grew up with band like Deep Purple, Marillion, Genesis, Alan Parsons and Pink Floyd to mention some of the biggest, the hat off for them!

However, here the hat is on.

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