Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Johnny´s Band

Are you good to go?

Starting up a band isn´t so hard.It is to market it and reach the goals that is harder.

Unfortunately it is very exciting for many people today to listen to bands who are lifting up satan.

One band which has started up in our town here isn´t exactly doing that, that is at least what they claim, yet they are called Hin Håle.And as many know that is an expression for the christians enemy, namely satan.I won´t ever get involved in a debate which aims to criticise a specific style even if I find some styles too extreme as well.I am interested in why they chose such a name.

The answer will be the same, it is on the spiritual level.

In the spiritworld we find reasons to certain conflicts and war between Gods angels and the demons from the dark side.

I know that the atheists want to claim this kind of war doesn´t take place, however it is a reality.

The first time I heard this sharp song I immediately felt it would schock the religous people in Sweden and myyyyy, it did.

It wouldn´t be the same effect today but in the late 80:s and the beginning of the 90:s the christian climate was at that level.

That was after a time where many good christian bands had ended and no band had expressed so sharp until then as Jerusalem did.A very good band through the ages from the 70:s until now.

Today the controversial discussions are more political and a question how you relate to the national/global questions and all sorts of questions related to that.Yet, the church has began to move a little bit again and we can feel the beginning of a renewal again even if it don´t evolve quickly, direct.

This instrumental song was composed out from awareness of the situation in our nation where chaos is a reality in some areas, not all, of course but yet in hospitals and schools, for example.

Get it into order again.We must see more action from the police in the suburban areas.We even hear about such sensivity as they want to take away the use of that expression, suburban??

Is that some kind of solution, to end the using of certain expressions? That is a very weird way to go, at least in my world.

And the follower of the latest instrumental there became this one:

Ok, and the future of my musical project, what will that be.Honestly, I take one day at the timeand I will see what kind of possibilities that arise along the way.

Here, a story about a new band.Keep in mind that I have played  in several bands in the past.I don´t know if my readers know that.I took up the music now again after a long break.


News Update!!

My latest song here about Imagination!

To all Vikings out there, be a Spiritual Viking!

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