Friday, July 7, 2017

The Third Way

What to do to avoid the ditches?

Keep your feet on the ground and avoid the ditches.

Use your common sense!

Sure, you can get angry over both insanity in the political world and you can get frustrated over the crap in the musical world.

When I grew up I appreciated when my friends introduced me to symphonyrock and some other styles.I began playing in the first band and we played in the church in my hometown then and they couldn´t understand that they had to understand my new way in life then.

Then, eventually I moved up to Jonkoping to play in a christian hardrock band.We were out in Sweden and played at different places and towns.

The band after that was called John after John, the baptist in the bible.

Like prophets we believed in delivering a strong christian message to the music.This is many years ago.

So, what is happening now?

Well, of course my blog is here updating you on that and I mean something with my one man band even if it´s solely my music on You Tube.

Common Sense is The Third Way.

News Update!

My latest instrumental one here:

Europe, Rise Again!!

The Mountain Challenge....

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