Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Slaughter The Dragon

Why am I still blogging?

I assume you have met this kind of question and similar and I won´t answer to it either.I don´t need to motivate it at all.I just feel for it.I am passionate as I like music.That´s still an answer, though it don´t need any further explanation.

Bloggers come and go, they always have.

Out from internet marketing or another interest, they come and go.Not to mention the political blogs, often connected to Twitter.

The name of my blog is, yes, a name of a band, though it is as much a name of a blog.

The video up there is one of the most well-known songs through many years.I saw a program yesterday about ABBA and wow! the attention of the band was incredible.

Typically, they were as recognized outside Sweden as in our own nation.

However, true swedes have always been intersted in a good attitude towards our own culture and traditions, especially conservatives.

Even if this isn´t a political blog it is imossible to avoid that area in all situations.Therefore I am deeply dissapointed at Roger Waters bad attitude towards Israel.

He is describing Israel as a dictatorship, more or less and I couldn´t disagree to him more than I do.Israel is the most obvious democratic nation in the whole middle east and he don´t want to see that, that´s it!

No excuse, many don´t want to see their position as they have to defend all the time against attacks from other sourrounding nations.

This instrumental song is about the war in the spiritual world between God´s angels and satans fallen angels.

Sweden is a part of Scandinavia and so is Norway

Guess a very, very well-known hit with a certain band which comes from that country?

Finally here a favorite with Rainbow:

You Are Chosen!

Get Rid Of Your Fears!!

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