Friday, August 11, 2017

Touching The Heart

During my vacation I was at Vetlanda slott with a friend and the guide there told us about the length of kings from mostly the time around Gustav Vasa.Overall he touched a couple of hundred years after that century too.

Our history is our roots and we need to be educated on it and repeat it as well.

A talented metalband from Sweden has a song about The Last Stand.

Ok, have you ever liked classical music? I am not especially an expert on that kind of music but yet I like the most well-known composed masterpieces like Mozart´s Elvira Madigan.

There is a movie with the same title of Bo Widerberg. called Elvira Madigan from 1967:

Let me finally recognize two of the best female singers in the rock history from Heart, Ann and Nancy Wilson.

The two latest songs:

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