Sunday, September 17, 2017

The World Of Poetry

Let There Be Light

Listen with your heart

Eat the meal as long as it´s warm

There was a time when you looked through the tunnel

Towards the day, we call it light

He is hovering over the earth with His finger

Ever since the dawn was created, the days are coming

Risen from the night, candles are talking

Eleven stars and the black hole is quiet

Boom, and the earth was created

Emotions of Fridays will move over to weekend days

Look at the moon and you will understand space

If you could kiss me you star of hope

Genesis is dynamic and time is talking

Hands with water will spread out vividly

Touches of evilness will flee for the force of day!

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I am sure you are curious on how the earth was created once and this my latest instrumental is about that, view these images first:

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