Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Say No To Insanity

Coming back for more later.....

The title of this song is there for several reasons.Even if this isn´t a political blog I can see many insane ideas in the political world today.Some seems to think that they can twist the gender to a genderless status nowadays.This is so long from the common sense they can come and if they are not being warned for that in these days I would think that´s insane more or less.

Wake up!

In my book it is man or woman, boy or girl, not something weird in between all the time.We have seen the confusion as a fruit of that very weird reasoning.Let´s be reasonable, what would be the step after that then? To marry an animal? To arrange a wedding between two animals or even worse?

Speak up and stand for good values that every society needs to survive and not only survive but also work for more stable communities where people can be more safe and where tradition and culture has its given place.

I have always been interested in the history of Europe and the Castles of Europe  aren´t any exception.....

When I grew up there was a cartoon called Speedy Gonzales.

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