As you may know by now I am also writing poetry and I want to show you my art in different forms here:

First, an acrostic,

Let There Be Light

Listen with your heart
Eat the meal as long as it´s warm
There was a time when you looked through the tunnel

Towards the day, we call it light
He is hovering over the earth with His finger
Ever since the dawn was created, the days are coming
Risen from the night, candles are talking
Eleven stars and the black hole is quiet

Boom, and the earth was created
Emotions of Fridays will move over to weekend days

Look at the moon and you will understand space
If you could kiss me you star of hope
Genesis is dynamic and time is talking
Hands with water will spread out vividly
Touches of evilness will flee for the force of day!

Amongst Friends

A dimension between heaven and earth
A place here and now
What did you ask for?
One thing is for sure

I am amongst friends

A quick thought and you are with us
You are the talent we appreciate
We can admire your vision
We can reach the goals together

We are amongst friends

Your joy is my joy
ROI, A True Win-Win
Let us reach profit together
Through friendship and ethical truth

Amongst stars, admiring the moon

 I Am Alive!


Intense and curious
Vote for me
Everlasting impression

 Moving The Moon

When the evening comes
in its initial stage
You become eager to show who you actually are
You want to move the moon

The sun may be impressive, the true ruler of universe
Your sunglasses are gone, your smile making miracles
Fill your cup of tea, fill your heart with bright emotions
Moving the moon again

The stars are dancing around the universe
And you are watching a new face in the mirror
You thought everything was gone, but it´s moving again
It is possible to move the moon again

It is your time of year
It is you that can do this, I am sure
You have to see the whole puzzle
The moon is moving and you will see the sun again! 


Positive adjustments to your existing activity!
Alignment for the exciting time to come...
Treasures are there, you have to find them
Immerse in the clouds of possibilities that are proven
Eternity brings the hope on the wings of love
Never have I seen such a pain in your face though
Cancel your bad attitudes and recieve food for your soul
Ecclestiastes, you have spoken in this late hour

Friendship And Love

I saw your motives
they were pure

I saw your vision
it pointed out the direction

I could hear your signal
the bird started to sing

A man is required to find a woman
a hero is required to change the thinking

I wanted to take the train to the village
where friends are friends and love is real

I heard the signal, the slow train is coming
it doesn´t need to run fast as long as the goal is near

I saw the community grow to a mature friendship
the love and friendship for years to come

I saw the needs in time and space
we always need the environment of kindness and light